The Mega L♥ve For Autumn Tag 2019

Well well well, two tags in the same day it seems? Don’t say I never spoil you all! I was tagged by the lovely Mari to undertake this monumental (or shall I say mega) series of autumnal questions. Like me she loves all things fall, and even undertook #scriptober along side me this past October. You can check her blog and questions out here or find her on Twitter at @92leemary . Now, onto the questions!


1. What signifies the start of Autumn to you?
The 1st of October is when autumn truly begins for me (and then I make the absolute most of it!)
2. What are you most excited about for Fall?
My favourite thing about Autumn has to be the fashion, cooler air and earlier nights; perfect for movies or writing sessions.
3. Name one place you want to visit this Autumn.
I always want to visit Pumpkin Patches as soon as the leaves begin to change and I’m reminded of Halloween!
4. What is one item on your Autumn Bucket List?
I would love to visit an apple orchard as this seems to be something others always get up to but I’ve never been.
5. What is the best way to spend a rainy day?
I love to binge watch YouTube craft, decor or makeup tutorials and flick through books on my mounting to be read list.
6. What gets you into the fall spirit?
Definitely watching spooky movies and vlogs all about fall activities
7. Describe your ideal fall day.
Going to get some retail therapy looking at wintery fashion, exploring wooded areas and ending the day with hearty comfort food and a good book.
8. What TV show are you most excited about this fall?
I have been most looking forward to BoJack Horseman. I don’t know if it’s more successful over in the US as I don’t know anybody else who follows it, for as funny as it is, it’s also a drama in it’s own right with serious undertones.
9. What are you being for Halloween/What were you this Halloween?
I was an odd mash up of different things this year, but one less celebrated was this oddly gothic bumblebee. Enjoy!

10. What is the Fall weather like where you live?
5 to 15°C (so perfect haha).
11. What changes do you look forward to in Autumn?
Getting cosy and productive before the new year
12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?
I believe in the hype of seeing the first coffee; it’s like a treat to yourself and almost a signifier that fall is here! The flavour is average to me however.
13. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Autumn?
The beautiful Autumn leaves!
14. What is your go-to an autumnal beauty product? A must-have staple.
I love my dark lipsticks and nail polishes; browns, tuapes, burnt oranges, purples, all of that good stuff, and preferably matte!
15. Do you have any Autumn traditions?
I always try to watch the same set of spooktacular movies like the Addams Family and visit somewhere in nature, preferably new. This year it was Rendlesham Forest!
16. The moment of truth, is Autumn your favourite season?
Absolutely! I think it will always have a special place in my heart, and it lends itself to all of my favourite things, activities and colours anyway which is absolutely a bonus.
17. Do you decorate your room/home for autumn?
I always try to add more scented candles, luxurious throw pillows and comforting throws. You can read all about this here.
18. Do you have any fall pet peeves/something you dislike about fall?
Only that some people make it painfully clear they miss the summer for the first half and in the second half I end up with a blinking cold.

1. What is your favourite Autumnal Colour? Burnt Orange
2. What is your favourite Fall Scent? Cinnamon
3. What is your favourite Autumn Candle? Vanilla or Berry
4. What is your favourite Fall Fashion Item? Coats, jackets, and jumpers!
5. What is your favourite Fall Accessory? Dark makeup and polishes
6. What is your favourite Autumn Lip Colour? A Matte Brown from The Body Shop in ‘430 Sienna Rose’
7. What is your favourite Fall Nail Polish? Red and taupe/brown
8. What is your favourite Autumnal Drink? I love coffee, so any flavoured ones are a bonus though not necessarily pumpkin spiced.
9. What is your favourite Fall Treat? Halloween themed cookies and cakes are a must!
10. What is your favourite Fall Flavour? Ooh I’m not sure, I actually prefer savoury foods so maybe a nice pie or soup.
11. What is your favourite Thanksgiving Food? We don’t have thanksgiving food here so I’m guessing this is similar to a Christmas dinner, so my fave has to be gravy and sage and onion stuffing!
12. What is your favourite Halloween Candy? I really love milky bars or white chocolate buttons.
13. What is your favourite Fall/Halloween Song? I always think of one of my favourite songs as being very nostalgic for fall;

14. What is your favourite Fall/Halloween Film? Maybe The Corpse Bride from the main Halloween man himself Tim Burton  
15. What is your favourite Autumn Makeup Look? I love to stick to simple browns and then add bright gold or glittery cut-creases. It makes you think of a warming fire or Christmas being on the horizon.
16. What is your favourite Autumn Beauty Trend this year? The only thing I can think of as being a makeup trend is using plenty of highlighter, particularly those in more unusual hues like holographics and blues. I can’t get enough and always use the Barry M Liquid Chromes.
17. What is your favourite Fall Fashion Trend this year? Something I was surprised to adopt was the high waisted, checkered trouser look. It is surprisingly comfortable and flattering, and really elevates simple outfits.
18. What is your favourite/Most Worn Sweater/Jumper? I don’t think I have one! Although something I am loving lately is a Primark men’s red jumper I picked up in the sale last year. It is very flattering, cosy and such a wonderfully bright red.
19. What is your favourite Autumn Memory? You can find out more about this over here!
20. What is your favourite photo you’ve taken in Fall? I don’t think I could narrow it down; I’m always adding to the camera reel but trying to remember including them in my Instagram feed.
21. What is your favourite Autumn activity? Pumpkin Carving!

22. What is your favourite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? It is too hard to pick just one! But I do have a post all about it right here.


1. Apple Picking or Pumpkin Patch? Pumpkin Patch (but I have nothing to compare it with of course)
2. Football Games or Nature Walk? Nature walk 
3. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Halloween
4. Bat Wing Sleeves or Cat Eye Eyeshadow? Cate Eye
5. Dark Lips or Winged Liner? Both!
6. Apple stuff or Pumpkin stuff? Apple stuff to eat
7. Cinnamon or Pumpkin Pie Spice? Cinnamon, but it is fairly neck and neck.
8. Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or Apple Cider? All accept tea (coffee is a front runner)
9. Jeans, Leggings or Skirts/Shorts w/Tights? I live in leggings; they go with everything.
10. Beanie or Hair Scarf? Beanie
11. Infinity Scarf or Body Wrap? Body wrap 
12. Booties or Knee High Boots? Knee high boots 
13. Flats or Wedges? Flats 
14. Flannels or Jumpers/Sweaters? Both 
15. Hair up in bun/pony tail or Hair Down? It is always down; it’s easier that way!
16. Fairy Lights or Candles? Both
17. Scary Movie or Haunted House? Both
18. Apple Bobbing or Making Apple Pie? Apple Pie (apple bobbing sounds terrible!)
19. DIY Halloween Costume or DIY House Decorations? Both! It is more fun that way.  
20. Pop of Orange or Pop of Yellow in your wardrobe? Orange! But I also that gen z yellow that is on trend at the moment.

This took a hot minute but was very enjoyable. I implore my lovely readers to get involved and take part with this wonderful tag before fall is long behind us! I would love to hear your answers.

Stay Scripturient,


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5 thoughts on “The Mega L♥ve For Autumn Tag 2019

  1. I love bojack horseman! It’s such a funny but also dark show that I think speaks about a lot of important matters!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same its such a good show! Are you up to date? I think it just keeps getting better and better. Big mouth gets mixed reviews, do you watch that too? While I don’t think it’s as good it’s funny and tackles some less dark but still very real situations 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes I am up to date! I can’t wait for the rest of the season but at the same time, I don’t want it to be over 😞 I’ve actually just started watching big mouth! I definitely don’t like it as much as bojack, but it is good and I think it’s great that they’re presenting subjects that are often ignored or presented unrealistically

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes I was so excited for more after getting to that cliff hanger. I hate waiting and knowing we have to wait for another season after that. I have such a fear that they will cancel it! I’m looking forward to seeing everyoens storylines equally as well, which is unusual for a lot of shows these days! My thoughts exactly with big mouth. I love the hormone monstress and all of the voice actors! It’s more daft but makes me laugh, and has some good content even if some of the internet doesn’t agree 😅

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah the cliffhanger was crazy! If they cancelled it after that I would definitely be mad 😅 and yes, every single character brings something so great and unique to the show that it wouldn’t be the same without all of them and their separate journeys. and yeah true! I kinda love random/silly shows anyway

        Liked by 1 person

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