The Sunshine Blogger Award #3

Another one!? I do enjoy answering these, they really are thought provoking. It is getting harder to think of new questions for more nominees, but it is all in good fun! So with that in mind I hope that all of the wonderful people who have been tagged participate. I was nominated this time by the wonderful Kavish of Kavish and Books following my nomination to him. You can read all about his answers here.

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

The blogger-sphere is a vast one, and the community is filled with so much positivity and support for fellow bloggers. After all; we get it, even if others don’t right away! Therefore, The Sunshine Blogger Award was created by bloggers to help recognise the hard work and creativity that goes into creating regular content and running a blog, giving us all a chance to showcase each other’s work.

The Rules

1. Thank the person who nominated you, and provide a link back to their blogging sites.
2. Answer their 11 questions.
3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
4. Notify the nominees about their nomination via their blog or social media.
5. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

The Questions I Was Asked

  • What is it that you enjoy the most about blogging?

I enjoy the freedom to create what I want, but I also thrive off of the community I’ve met and the content that I otherwise would never have been subjected to!

  • What’s your ideal blogging environment?

I like to sit on my sofa with my laptop and some terrible background show on, coffee in hand (and the remote to pause it in case I need to concentrate) The words just flow best this way.

  • If Elon Musk offers to send you to Mars with no certainty of coming back, would you take it?

Certainly not; as much as I love my solitude and writing time, that would probably mean that I might only ever have contact with Elon Musk. Who wants that?

  • A celebrity you’d like to interview? Or go on a long walk with?

This is a very hard one – I was tempted to say no one. I find it hard to idolise people so much as fictional characters that are portrayed by them. With that in mind I would like to speak with Eminem; though how much he would want to talk to me I don’t know! I think Shane Dawson and the YouTube ‘gang’ would be very welcoming and warm to meet, and this is slightly more realistic! I would be very interested in, and lucky to meet Guillermo del Toro, Dave Wolverton, George R. R. Martin and Tim Burton. Actors I believe I would get along with as much as I admire their characters include Jim Carrey, James McAvoy, Bryan Cranston, David Tennant, Robert De Niro, Tilda Swinton, Maya Rudolph, Thandie Newton, Rose McIver, Jameela Jamil, and Bette Midler. I guess that is actually a lot of people!

  • What was your first blog post?

My first blog post was about how to get a first-class degree. I thought this would be something that would draw people in and to this date it still gets me quite a bit of traffic!  

  • What’s your Hogwarts house (or, what’s the one you think you’re in)?

Slytherin, I think? Purely because I’m not very people-y, more logical and do love a good villainous being. That said I am scholastic like Ravenclaw and would do anything for just about anyone (that’s Hufflepuff, right?). I never read the harry potter series, but it is very much a phenomenon now and I of course grew up with and love the movies!

  • Do you collect anything during your travels?

I always grab magnets whenever I visit somewhere. I have quite the collection now, some high-brow and some tacky, so whatever the style they end up on the fridge.

  • Tea or coffee?

Coffee! I am absolutely obsessed, but have had to switch to decaf of an evening so I don’t end up bouncing off the walls.

  • A recent artist you discovered and became obsessed with?

The Orion Experience, and sort of similarly, Lemon Demon. I’m not sure how these were slept on by me for so long but my music tastes change like the wind which would explain a lot! I’m really enjoying writing with these bands on in the background at the moment.

  • What’s the story behind your blog’s name?

‘Scripturient’ means a passion for writing, and this seemed very fitting for me. I like unique words and it is scarcely used these days, as well as rarely for blogging accounts! So, I thought it would be memorable and easy to identify my work from other blogs. The rest is history.

  • What is one thing that keeps you going whenever you have a bad day?

As predictable as it might be to say I love writing and having a project surrounding that to get really stuck into. The rest of the world can melt away when you are invested in a hobby or reading a good book!

The Questions I Ask You

  1. Are you usually early or late?
  2. Do you have any other side projects or hustles that you are working on?
  3. What is your proudest achievement?
  4. What job would you be terrible at?
  5. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?
  6. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?
  7. Do you people watch?
  8. What would be your ideal working environment?
  9. What city would you most like to live in?
  10. What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch?
  11. What do people think is weird about you?

I Nominate

I hope that you have fun answering the questions. I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say!

Stay Scripturient,


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4 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award #3

  1. Congratulations! I’m totally with you on the fridge magnets – it’s the one thing I have to get when I go abroad!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yes lol we all need some sort of tatt to collect and prove we have been places haha xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Funny how our ideal blogging environments match perfectly. That’s exactly what I do
    Oh my God! I love Eminem! I would love to hang out with him. I can totally see him being down to Earth too, but, yeah, maybe not as talkative.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is good to hear! It can make or break sometimes I have noticed. Eminem is amazing! I don’t think im too big on meeting fmaous peopel though as \i think I get too star struck to think of anything significant to say irl haha

      Liked by 1 person

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