Painted Rocks – Rock Painting Guide

While painting rainbows on windows may not be the most proactive of activities, and arguably another tool used to preoccupy the already well home schooled children, it is lovely to see. Every little truly does help, it is rightly so a remarkably frightening time for many of us, and of course for others actually excruciatingly dull. Therefore, like many people across the nation I’ve been conjuring up crafty things to do, and I have always wanted to undertake this. Now is probably the best of times to engage in such a hobby, and honestly I would be lying if I told you that this image of the tiger king rocks being flogged on ebay didn’t inspire and outright rekindle my love for the fine art of, you guessed it, rock painting –

I always seem to find painted rocks wherever I go. I only wished that I had more photos of the ones I have been collecting over the years – sadly I have misplaced quite a few of them, or the photos I snapped before re-hiding them, to, you know, to keep the elation of painted rock salvaging alive. That is the beauty of this thing – you create a unique hashtag and wait for the images to (hopefully) come in from the pebble finders. You can track their whereabouts that way, and see what sort of an epic journey your rock has gone on. We all may be in isolation, but these pen-covered pebbles are certainly about to have the time of their lives (one day). Eventually I will drop them along my local walking paths and trails, but for now they are going to take centerpiece in my window, on my balcony and outside my door in the hopes they get spotted and brighten someone’s day.

I can get 36 labels on one sheet by duplicating the table repeatedly on word, which isn’t too bad, especially with so much info and at font size 11. I cut the squares up then hodge podge them on, and spray them with waterproof sealant; the aim of which is to keep the designs and labels intact should it rain or they be scuffed and lost for some time. I find felt-tipped gel pens, the metallic the better, or good old fashioned acrylic paint can do wonders, and there are all sorts of designs to etch out, whether they be realistic and highly detailed in pencil first, or simply a positive message quickly jotted down. The possibilities are endless!

The doodles themselves are all over social media, but particularly Pinterest where I draw inspiration for most crafty and creative things! I would love to see what everyone else has been making to try and liven up working people’s day during these times, and if you’ve created anything similar, even if it’s for your home or loved ones, do let me see it in the comments.

Until next time,

Stay Scripturient,


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