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Scripturient Blogger is a lifestyle blog covering all sorts of topics; from career & study advice for introverts, to affordable fashion guides, travel experiences, movie reviews, and marketing industry updates (Plus whatever else happens to take our fancy along the way!).

If you have wandered this far into the catacombs of the web then I welcome you weary traveller, to my humble blog all about my experiences, opinions and passions!

This blog was created primarily as a hobby, and to help showcase my more conversational, ‘customer-facing’ writing skills following my experience with producing papers in an exclusively academic style. Scripturient essentially means one that loves to write, and that is essentially, well: very Me.

But why should you stick around? What makes Scripturient any different from the next blog? This is a question many consumers ask themselves before deciding to take a leap of faith with a new product or service, particularly in this digital age when an individual’s time is sparse, and competition is fierce. The answer? Bribery of course! A unique take! And I suppose that’s where I come in (Or at least, how I intend to).

I look to use this platform to apply my academic, workplace and life experiences to our everyday, keeping you up to date with my own little world: from opinion pieces, advice and anecdotes, to travel, movie, and product reviews.

Like most things I delve into, this has quickly become a full-time obsession. But I am very much still learning, too. I find myself on a journey along with you all, where we can share our insights, and get inspired to truly be Scripturient.

Now that you are here, why not stay a while and poke around in the Archives down below or Follow me to stay in the loop? No matter where you are on your journey that is life, I am sure there is something here suitable for you (And if there’s not, then just drop me a line of advice of what you want to see me write about next!).

Welcome to the fellowship.

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