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What is a wesbite without high quality content? Whether you have an ecommerce business that you want to take off or a ‘hub’ for your portfolio or movement, it is important that your copy really sells, and most importantly that it gets seen by Google and actually reaches your target audience.I can write high quality content for your site, including ‘about me’ & FAQ’s pages, influential descriptions of your business or products, and copy for landing pages, all with SEO and your set goals in mind.

Email Copywriting is also essential for creating an impactful dialogue with your email list. I write email copy, as well as unique and valuable lead magnets that excite your consumers; standing out on your site and in their mail box to convert visitors into your loyal customer and follower base. 

If you are launching a new product, service or idea into the world then a press release or speech is the best method to raise your profile and build excitement for your up and coming creation. I will work with you to create a press release or speech copy that establishes you as an authority within your field by unveiling your latest achievements, encouraging journalists to cover your story while increasing page views and improving word of mouth.

It is well known that blogs are one of the most important marketing tools in an organisation’s belt, not only to get your message across and create a two-way dialogue with your readers, but also to show your brand’s personality, interests and credibility in your field. I can produce captivating and convincing blog copy that suits your target market, as well as your brand voice, keeping you at the forefront of consumer’s minds and on top of the latest trends in your niche to convert and retain your audience.

Likewise to blogs, formal Articles, Listicles, ‘How to’ Guides, Opinion Pieces and many other forms of copy tailored to your site can help to answer your audience’s questions. This tells them that you are listening to them, building trust and links which in turn increase engine, organic and trending search traffic to your site!

My copy, in whatever form or subject that you brief me with, can help you to be ranked more highly by Google, improve the visibly of your brand, familiarity between your audience, and ultimately compete with bigger brands and competitors to boost your ROI.

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