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There are many reasons organisations and people employ marketing managers. Perhaps you want more brand recognition to help you stand out from the crowd? Maybe you want to boost your user engagement and page views? or as a business or charity, you want to target a specific audience, gain more volunteers or donations, and establish yourself as an authority in your field. But, you are not sure where to startā€¦

Like with anything in life, you need a plan (and if you fail to plan then you plan to fail!).

My comprehensive marketing & branding plans help you to identify your current positioning and audience; first through marketing research by analysing what you do well, identifying what can be improved, and who your fiercest competitors are. We will work together to establish your goals, vision and mission, and then I will work to developing you a tailor-made marketing strategyā€¦one that shows you the best way to achieve the results that you want by using marketing as your number one tool!

I will provide you with the knowledge and simple steps you need to take to rank highly on google, dominate social media, convert visitors into customers, maintain life-long loyalty for your brand and get your message heard; positioning you and your brand strongly within the market so you become a well-established name.

Together, we can secure long-term results by helping you to evaluate your marketing activity, identify your key performance indicators, returns on marketing investment, and provide you with recommendations for the future to help you continue setting new objectives and achieving the results that you deserveā€¦

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