Let’s Get Acquainted

Having made the decision to specialise and complete my MSc in Marketing, I find myself craving a new hobby thinking more deeply about myself as a brand; what I am putting out, what impression of myself I am inspiring in others, and how sharing my journey of figuring this out can help us humans to market ourselves sincerely; for a greater, and more positive impact.

SO, how would I describe myself?

Coffee Enthusiast? Movie Fanatic? Avid Tolkienite?

Ask me to decipher a problem or analyse a company, and I can produce adjectives at the drop of a hat! but when facing the looming question of “tell me about yourself?” I will admit that (due to a self-proclaimed rather paradoxical existence) I almost always first draw a blank. However, for as long as I can remember holding pen to paper, I have better been able to express precisely what I want to convey through the written word, and now possess a burning desire to write.  As someone stitched together by a series of oxymorons, I dare say that I have something a little bit different to add to conversations (with the hopes of making them all the more richer!)

So today, I intend to place my inner most thoughts and observations on this public platform, with the aim of entertaining and enriching as many readers as I can with these self-marketing insights along the way.

To lovingly borrow words from The Greatest Showman, ‘This is Me’.

Now that we are acquainted: Let’s Get Social, or you can follow me and ‘Stay in the Loop’ down below.

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