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Alternatively, you may be happy with your own copywriting, but just want things double checked before you hit publish (or if you are a student, the dreaded submit button!). My proofreading services include grammar, spelling, capitalisation and punctuation checks, as well as suggesting alternative words and sentence structure. I can also ensure that your writing is fit for purpose; ensuring that you remain consistent to your brand’s tone of voice and the expectations of your audience, have answered the question at hand and fulfilled your brief to its fullest potential. This service is open to:

Students: Papers, Essays, Reports, Research Papers, Dissertations, Presentations, Academic CV’s / Resumes

Professionals & Authors: Portfolios, Personal Websites, CV’s / Resumes, Personal Statements, Cover Letters, Speeches, Books, eBook’s, Novels, Bio’s

Blogs, Businesses, Charities and Other Organisations: Reports, Websites, eCommerce Sites, Press Releases, Speeches, Articles, Blog Posts, Internal Reports / Plans / Schedules and More…

All of my work is my own and 100% Plagiarism Free. From one off proofreading and copy tailored to you and your needs, to multi-packages for entire website rebuilding and Book proofreading…

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